Hampton was formed in Europe’s energy capital, Aberdeen, in 1996.

During that time there has been amazing innovation and change in the sector – none more so than the drive towards net zero and the energy transition.

From employee engagement to diversifying products and services – we help energy brands face the challenge of a new energy future.

Brand energy marketing

We help energy brands stand out

We design brand experiences for employees, customers and stakeholders that increase business value.

We help companies focus and stand out in a transitional landscape – creating the brand foundations that their new energy future can build from.

This is how we do it

"22% of oil & gas companies planning to diversify see brand investment as a solution to attracting employees and narrowing the skills gap."

Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce

Our energy clients

We create names and brand identities for ambitious start-ups and new projects. We use strategy to help established, global companies engage and build value with customers and employees.

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