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Google Analytics has been a go-to tool for website owners and marketers for many years. With its robust features and ease of use, it has been the preferred choice for tracking website performance and gaining insights into user behaviour. For this reason, many businesses rely heavily on it for making informed decisions.

However, as of July 2023, Google Analytics (Universal Analytics or UA) as we know it will retire.

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics which has the unique capability of combining data from both mobile apps and websites. Unlike its predecessor, Universal Analytics, GA4 has a completely revamped interface and advanced reporting capabilities, making it an even more powerful tool for analysing data.

In short, GA4 represents a significant shift in the way analytics are viewed and utilised, providing a more holistic and comprehensive approach to data analysis.

Benefits of GA4

GA4 offers several benefits that can help businesses better understand their audiences and make informed decisions. These benefits include:

Improved tracking and analytics

The event-based data model used by GA4 allows for more granular tracking of user behaviour. This means you can better understand how users interact with your website and make more informed decisions about how to improve it.

Cross-device tracking

In today's mobile-first world, users often switch between devices when interacting with websites. GA4's cross-device tracking capabilities allow you to see a more complete picture of user behaviour across devices, which can help you optimise your marketing efforts.

Predictive analytics

GA4 includes machine learning capabilities that can help you identify patterns and trends in your data. This can help you make more accurate predictions about future user behaviour and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Customisable dashboards and reports

GA4 allows marketers to create custom dashboards and reports to track the specific metrics that matter most to their business. This enables marketers to gain insights into their marketing performance quickly and efficiently.

Do I need to upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

In short, yes. You have three options:

  1. Do nothing. However, after July 1 2023 UA will no longer collect your data
  2. Switch to another (paid) analytics tool
  3. Upgrade to Google Analytics 4

Why work with us?

There are several reasons why you might consider working with us to help you with the transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4):

Understanding of GA4: We can help you understand the new features, functionalities, and changes in the platform and how to use them to optimize your marketing efforts.

Save time and resources: The transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 can be time-consuming and complex, especially if you have a large website with multiple tracking codes and integrations. Our digital can help you save time and resources by handling the migration process for you.

Ensure data accuracy: It's essential to ensure that your data is accurate and consistent across your website and marketing channels. Hampton can help you set up GA4 correctly, ensuring that your data is accurate and reliable.

Customisation and integration: GA4 provides you with more flexibility and customisation options than Universal Analytics. We can help you customise the platform to meet your specific business needs and integrate it with other marketing tools and platforms.

Technical expertise: Our digital team has technical expertise in setting up and configuring GA4 on your website. They have a good understanding of the code and can ensure that the tracking code is installed correctly.

Ongoing support: We can provide ongoing support and maintenance for GA4 and help you troubleshoot any issues and make adjustments as needed to ensure that your data is always accurate and up to date.

Overall, working with us can help you maximise the benefits of GA4, optimise your marketing efforts, and ensure a smooth and successful transition from Universal Analytics.

GA4 Consultancy

To stay ahead of the curve and maintain the flow of valuable website data, it is crucial for organisations and marketers to plan ahead and use this time to prepare for the migration of their Google Analytics account. By doing so, they will be well-positioned for the transition and can continue to leverage website data for informed decision-making.

We offer a GA4 support or consultancy, whichever you prefer. Our GA4 migration service will ensure that your business is fully prepared for this transition, enabling you to maintain access to the valuable data you need to steer your business towards success.

Ready to get started with GA4?