Dot All Conference

Our Digital Studio Manager, Ewan, at the Dot All Conference

Written by Ewan Lyle, Digital Studio Manager

Too often we meet clients who have been sold a website system that allows them little to no access, or a lack of flexibility, meaning that they find it difficult (if not impossible) to update or amend their website pages in-house. The only solution to this problem is a completely new web build... a painful and costly lesson that's best avoided.

The solution to this antiquated problem? An awesome website Content Management System (CMS). A modern CMS should be designed around your bespoke needs. It should put you in control, allowing you long-term access to your web content. A high-performance CMS should also support your SEO and content marketing objectives – acting as an important business tool. This is standard best practice that you should insist on with your next new web build.

You’ve got the power

With more than 20 years of web development experience, we like to think we know a thing or two about website maximisation and management.

Upon commissioning us to build their website, our clients like knowing they will have the flexibility to update content regularly on their own, without having to rely on a web developer, or knowing how to code. This is where a streamlined content management system is their greatest asset.

If you’ve worked with us on a web project, it’s highly likely you’ve heard us discuss the Craft Content Management System. Here at Hampton we’re committed to Craft CMS for a number of reasons:

  • the seamless user experience - want to update content on the go from your mobile, schedule a post to launch at a certain time, or quickly move content blocks around to freshen up your messaging? No problem!
  • the development team and growing community of developers - their contribution to the project means that new functionality and capabilities are continually released, keeping your site performance optimised
  • flexibility of design - it’s easy for us to build around our clients’ content, and offer a variety of content blocks as standard

In April 2019, we became Craft partners, showing that Craft CMS recognise Hampton as having great knowledge and experience of the system.

Craif Dot All Conference

Dot All Conference

As Digital Studio Manager here at Hampton, it’s important I stay up to speed with latest developments to best inform our clients. So when the chance to attend the annual Craft CMS conference came up, I couldn’t say no! 2019 saw the conference heading to Montreal, so it was time for me to brush up on my French and jet set to Canada.

Leah and the development team from Pixel & Tonic - the masterminds behind Craft CMS - kicked off the conference. Seeing them in person was surreal after reading countless comments and posts they’d written about coding with Craft.

The next few days saw a number of informative workshops and sessions, including modern web development with Craft, Vue and GraphQL led by Jake Dohm and Andris Sevcenko.

Brandon Kelly, Craft’s founder, opened the next day with State of Craft but it could have read State of the Union, such was the excitement around the presentation!

Dot All Conference, speaker, Brandon Kelly

Speaker Brandon Kelly at the Dot All Conference

It was here that Brandon shook the house with the following massive announcements:

  • Craft 4 - accessibility, collaboration, content modeling and element index views are the main areas that Craft 4 is going to improve upon
  • Commerce 3 - order amendments and creation via the admin system
  • Craft Cloud - craft CMS as a service with no server or templates, but at the same time no updates or develops required

So, nerding-out aside, what does this mean for you and your website?

  • Craft 4 will give you an even more improved author experience, making it easier and faster for you to edit your content and for multiple authors to be able to work on the same piece of content
  • You’ll be able to amend orders and email customers directly from the CMS with Commerce 3
  • If you have multiple platforms you want to present content across, then Craft Cloud will let you handle content for them all in one place, with no hosting required.
Dot All Conference Breakout Session

Dot All Conference Breakout Session