Hi, I’m Sophie, currently a student at Gray’s School of Art, about to start my third year of Communication Design. When I’m not designing you’ll either find me watching the 100th re-run of Friends or pulling pints at The Dutch Mill.

What has it been like to spend three weeks at Hampton?

After spending a couple of weeks at Hampton last summer I was thrilled to be back. Immediately I felt at home again, as though I had never left. Everyone at Hampton is so nice and welcoming and really made me feel part of their team. Over these three weeks, I’ve managed to get involved in a lot of exciting client projects and really immerse myself into the life of a Hampton designer.

Tea illustration

What was your top highlight of the weeks?

It’s hard to single out one particular highlight from my time at Hampton, besides the constant flow of cups of tea. Design agencies are known as exciting and stimulating places to work, for me Hampton really proves this to be true. Not just through the projects and design work itself, but also just the general environment and atmosphere within the office and around the team. Every day the people around me manage to make me laugh in one way or another, making Hampton a light-hearted and quirky place to work.

What has been the most important thing you’ve learned?

The most important thing I have learned at my time at Hampton is how a creative agency works. Getting to see client briefs and Hampton’s creative process and the stages they take in completing these briefs has taught me a lot. The team were very good at letting me be a part of discussions or letting me see any stages that they thought would be particularly beneficial. This will be very helpful going forward into my next two years of university as I’ll be able to adopt similar thought processes and apply it to my own design work.

Getting to see client briefs and Hampton's creative process and the stages they take in completing these briefs has taught me a lot.

What do you like about design and brand?

For me, design and brand are about creating an impact on society through the power of visual communication. What appeals to me is the appreciation of clever and simplistic design, with a meaningful idea behind it. The link between aesthetics and concept is important, and I enjoy the creative process to find a happy medium between them. Strong thought process is critical to the most influential designs.

Coolest client/project and why?

The coolest project I was working on over my three weeks, I’d say was for BrewDog. BrewDog is such a big name and a distinctive visual brand which made the project very exciting to work on.

What would you change and why?

Nothing! My experience at Hampton has been great!

What’s next for you?

I go back to University in September and will be spending my second-semester studying Graphic Design in Dusseldorf, Germany. The semester abroad will most definitely push me out of my comfort zone, however will be a great way to learn and open my mind to new design experiences and cultures.

What is your favourite nearby lunch?

With the weather the past three weeks being around 20 degrees (sometimes over!!!) I’ve been spending most of my lunch hours trying to catch a tan in Rubislaw Terrace Gardens.

Desert island and sun illustration

If you were stuck on a desert island, which Hampton team member would you take and why?

Ian, because he’d come up with a weird and wonderful way to navigate us off of the island.

Pineapple on pizza. What is your view?

No. I like pizza how I like design. Simplistic. Less is more.

What was the weirdest thing you saw during your time at Hampton?

A squishy banana being used as a doorstop…

Any final words?

Thank you. Until next time, Hampton - Sophie