Over the past five years, Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) has quite rightly earned itself the title of the go-to event to see some of the UK’s best international talent in graphic design.

Packed full of amazing workshops, talks, discussions and exhibitions – the week long event which ran from 19-25 October promotes and celebrates creativity, innovation, collaboration and challenges how designers think and approach work.

On the pursuit of new ideas, fresh insight and a chance to hear from some of our favourites, the Hampton team ventured down to Glasgow to soak it all in and here’s just a snippet of what we took away from it.

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Sustainability means doing the green thing

First up was Naresh Ramchandani a creative partner at Pentagram who highlighted how creativity has an important role in helping to battle climate change. From everyday decisions like selecting the perfect paper to helping businesses like yours solve a dilemma the green way - we all need to be ambassadors for this beautiful world we live in. Want to catch up and talk about ways your business, services or product can help our beautiful world keep on turning? Give us a shout.

Pointing out the obvious

Noemie Le Coz was next to enter the spotlight - an Aussie making big waves in America and across the world with her can-do attitude and eye-catching female empowered campaigns. Her work with Billie razors, was a first of its kind campaign which showed actual hair on a women's leg being shaved by their products - staggeringly this had never been shown before. She also turned her hand to 'she-mojio' an emoji keyboard designed to celebrate women in different kinds of job roles.

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The power of humour

Erik Kessels and David Carson reminded us of the power of taking life a little less seriously and how injecting humour into design can be a powerful tool for businesses. With examples from the world’s worst hotel campaign (that became an overnight success with some honest advertising) to clever signage that poked fun at everyday objects in a museum. So who is with us? We’re ready when you are to add some light-hearted fun to your communications.