With ever-evolving trends in the design world, it is imperative for brands to reflect what individuals are attracted to. According to Hampton’s Head of Design, Susan Montgomery, there are five key trends that are worth noting to help you feel inspired.

Trend 1: The return of typography with personality

If there is one area in which we will see the most dramatic changes, it’s typography.

In order to mix it up and differentiate against the more traditional sans and serif fonts, typography bursting with personality will continue to thrive this year.

Not only this, but we are likely to see the rise of more decorative fonts that boast varying widths, depths and characters. From bolder fonts to condensed and distorted fonts, in 2023 we will notice more fun and individuality being injected into creative by means of typography.

Decorative fonts by Tina Smith and Carmen Nácher

(copyright, Tina Smith 2023; Carmen Nácher, 2023)

Trend 2: Imagination - the revolution in design tools

Last year escapism became a primary theme in graphic design. This was inspired by advances in technology and the rise of AI-generated applications such as DALL-E, Midjourney and the Metaverse.

Despite concerns over copyright, it’s clear AI image generators are here to stay. These tools will continue to influence the design world in a big way, helping to unleash one's imagination and offering endless opportunity for creativity.

Retro screen with 3D grid and illumine 3D icons

(copyright, And Walsh 2023)

Trend 3: 3D graphic combinations

Blurring lines between graphic, 3D, motion and photography has become more common in recent years.

The shift to a more immersive approach opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You can expect to see three dimensional graphics rolled out across everything from icons to typography, bringing more depth and texture to creative in 2023.

Three dimensional typography

(copyright, IBM design 2023; Denis Yilmaz 2023)

Trend 4: Nostalgia

As we all know, trends are cyclical and come back into fashion as they are reimagined and reworked. Nostalgia provokes positivity and encourages confidence, particularly during times of uncertainty. For this reason many designers are set on utilising throwback trends (from the 60s, 70s and 00s) to help enrich their creative. After all, there is comfort in the familiar.

From the flat, saturated colours and the signature thin black outlining of retro 70s designs to the resurgence of the fun, trashy, and charmingly futuristic style of the noughties, we expect designers and marketers alike to tap into the past to create positive associations.

Nostalgia signs and stickers

(copyright, Mojo Supermarket 2023)

Trend 5: Out of the box data visualisation

Data visualisation helps individuals understand data quickly and effectively by presenting it in a visual way through the use of graphs, charts and diagrams.

Due to the incredible amount of content consumed by individuals daily, it's never been more important to create an interesting way to communicate complex data.

Keeping people’s interest is key for designers as it supports storytelling and helps to engage the audience. Creating eye-catching infographics, presentations and reports using out-of-the-box data visualisation is a great tool in an era where people skim through content.

Data visualisations for helping understanding data quickly

(copyright, Maria Bublik 2023)

As visual storytelling remains an essential tool in helping businesses communicate purpose and value it is important to research trends that will appeal to your target audience. Hampton can guide you on the latest trends and help you to apply them to your marketing materials.

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