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Listening to music can enhance your productivity and keep your mind active, especially when working away from your team and in isolation at home. There’s nothing quite like blasting your favourite guilty pleasure and releasing your inner diva to boost your mood. *Playing Spice Girls Wannabe on repeat 67 times makes you more productive right?

The #HamptonAtHome playlist is made up of the top ten ultimate songs submitted by each member of Team Hampton. From Celine Dion to Kanye West, Busted to AC/DC, the team certainly has an eclectic taste when it comes to their own musical guilty pleasures. 14 hours of quality musical goodness has given us a wee glimpse into the inner workings of our teammates' minds and also has let us get to know each other a little better.

Hampton Spotify Playlist

#HamptonAt Home Spotify Playlist

Not only does Spotify offer huge benefits when it comes to keeping your team socially connected but it also opens up huge potential for brand strategies. Your clients and customers want to feel a part of the team and getting to know you builds trust and develops long-lasting relationships with your brand. In March 2020 it was reported that over 217 million users are actively signed up to Spotify, with 44% of users listening to Spotify on a daily basis. Spotify offers up the possibility of engaging with your current audiences and connecting with new ones through an alternative online medium.

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Across all industries, big brands have been adopting and incorporating Spotify into their ever-evolving strategies. Gymshark (sports clothing brand) have successfully tapped into the platform creating bespoke playlists collaborating with industry influencers, including their top workout songs. This resulted in their customers being actively engaged with the brand and feeling very much part of the Gymshark team from purchasing new gym gear to working out with them.

From McDonald's to BrewDog, H&M to Skoda, all the big players are getting stuck into musically engaging with their clients, customers and loyal brand fans.


  • Who’s listening? Know your audience and make informed musical choices.
  • What makes us, well, us? What songs reflect your brand's personality?
  • Think before you add: Think about the artists you are associating your brand with and select with care. Do certain artists represent things that go against your brand and morals?
  • It’s not all about the singalongs: Spotify also has an abundance of podcasts available and it’s a great place to host your own content.
  • Brand it up: Add your logo and descriptions - make sure to keep it in line with your brand's overall tone and feel.
  • Get social: Sharing out your Spotify playlist makes for great social content across all of your official channels. Get your audience engaged by asking them what they want to see on your latest playlists.
  • Collaboration: Do you work closely with other brands or collaborate with suppliers? Join forces and create some sweet music or podcast content together relevant to your brands.
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If you need a wee creative boost give #HamptonAtHome a listen - eclectic, feel good and all round bangin’ tunes, what more could you want? Enjoy!

Stay home. Stay creative. Stay tuned.