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Job title:

Project Manager

How long have you worked at Hampton?

Nine years

How has the company evolved since then?

In some ways I think the agency has changed hugely over the past (near) decade, and in other ways not at all.

The types of projects we get involved with have definitely evolved – these days clients look to us much more for our strategic marketing consultancy, creative direction and digital expertise, rather than our design and development capabilities alone.

As you’d expect, being headquartered here in Aberdeen means a large part of the work we do is energy related. That industry itself is transitioning, which means we are also having to continually evolve.

But the people side of things hasn’t changed so much. Client communication is as important as it’s ever been, and relationships and partnerships are still very much at the core of everything that we do. Changes in technology (and the recent pandemic) mean that how we communicate is a little different – I'm just as likely to be sitting with my headset on in a Teams call, as I am being out and about catching up face-to-face these days.

The last nine years have gone by fast, and it’s been such an exciting journey to be on. Seeing our team grow and develop makes me proud every day and I can’t wait to see what the next nine years bring!

Hampton BBQ and Hampton Roars

Describe a typical day as a project manager.

I love the variety each day brings, but typically my priority every morning involves reviewing my clients’ to-dos and working with the account management team to ensure their work is scheduled in across our creative, design and digital studios.

Then it’s time for meetings, calls and correspondence (both external and internal) liaising with our designers, developers and suppliers, before getting into the data! Spreadsheets, project plans and trackers are my jam as well as the people side of things.

Thankfully there’s still time to grab a coffee from the lovely café across the street – agency life is definitely not for those who prefer a slower pace of life, but I truly wouldn’t have it any other way!

Name one thing you love about working at a creative agency?

The people I’ve met along the way – both colleagues and clients – as I’ve genuinely learned and developed working with every single one of them.

List three words the team would use to describe you?

Welcoming. Determined. Solutions-focused.

Describe your perfect Sunday

I’d lift weights at the gym so I could justify an indulgent brunch with my husband (prosecco would need to be involved!) Then I’d take a wander around Aberdeen Art Gallery, have ice cream at the beach with my kids, and enjoy a tapas-style dinner with extended family. I’d do all of this before rounding off the day with my Kindle, trying to get through my never-ending to-be-read list.

Suzanne's kids at the Aberdeen Art Gallery and at the Beach Boulevard

What is your most listened to song at the moment?

It’s definitely not current, but I Am Woman by Helen Reddy. The lyrics really resonate at this stage in my life.

Sweet or savoury food?

I don’t mind, as long as I can still have coffee!

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?

I’ve travelled shockingly little, so the list is quite long, but right now I’m desperate to be back enjoying all the rollercoasters that Universal Studios, Busch Gardens and Disneyworld have to offer, so Florida it is!

Tell us a surprising or a fun fact about you

I’m (somewhat irrationally) terrified of whales.

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