Despite the ongoing pandemic, Christmas is still a special time of year. We're all hoping that we'll get to spend quality time with our family, catch up with old friends, watch Die Hard (other Christmas films are available), stuff ourselves with mince pies and drink a few sherries. But… perhaps now more than ever, Christmas is also a time for giving and this year Team Hampton wanted to focus on this with our 12 Days of Givemas Christmas campaign.

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Team members were very quick to volunteer and come up with wonderful ways to give back to the community, help charities, take on fitness challenges and even feed the birds and squirrels. However, we didn’t want to just do our bit to help but also wanted to inspire others to do the same.

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It was office manager, Carol Mennie who kicked things off on day one. Known as ‘Christmas Carol’ or sometimes even ‘Crafty Carol’ she pledged to make all her Christmas cards out of old recycled materials. Well done Carol, not only did you make some truly awesome cards but you did your bit for the planet too. Next up account manager, Rhona Gillan finally sorted through all her old clothes and donated them to Abernecessities. Well done Rhona it was a really nice gesture, not only to Abernecessities but also to your husband Steven who now has some much-needed wardrobe space. On day 3 senior designer, Susan Montgomery did her bit by donating toys to the Befriend a Child Giving tree. We know it was hard for her to part with those toys, so very well done Monty.

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Next up project manager Suzanne Irvine and her kids, cheered up their local community by painting lots of festive stones and leaving them for others to find. Then it was designer, Julie Owens turn, she decided to donate food and much needed items to those who need it most in her community. Great work Julie, you’re on the nice list for sure. On day 6 account manager, Pete McIntosh pledged to feed all the little birds and squirrels in his garden in Banchory. It was like a scene from a Disney movie, Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo… Next up was Hampton planner, Agnes Fu, who took on a fitness challenge to burn thousands of calories and raise funds for the Prince’s Trust. You should see her bench press!

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Account manager Kelsey and her beloved four-legged friend Ted the cocker spaniel, donated supplies to the Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre; this is too cute for words! On day 9 our developer Steven Bedford took part in a Terracycle campaign, he collected all his crisp packets, bread and biscuit wrappers and delivered them to the charities within Aberdeen who would get money for them. Steven had to eat A LOT of crisps for this cause.

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Our creative director, Scott Hunter left the warm studio behind and spent a morning down at a very chilly Aberdeen Beach to take part in a beach clean-up. Well done Scott what a great thing to do for the environment, plus you’ve earned yourself a nice mug of warm mulled wine! On day 11 our motion graphics designer, Rhona Hourston took part in Glasgow’s Refuweegee Christmas Campaign and provided a warm winter pack to a person who really needed it. Nice work Rhona! Last but not least on day 12 it was our designer Zoe Powell’s turn and she very kindly made a donation to a woman’s charity - fab work Zoe!

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Well, there you go, that was Team Hampton’s 12 Days of Givemas. During this campaign we have learned that doing a little actually means an awful lot. We hope you’ve enjoyed following our journey of giving and feel inspired to share the kindness.

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So, all that remains to be said... From everyone at Team Hampton, we’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2022.