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It’ll come as no surprise that as a creative agency we like to have fun, and lots of it. We’re social creatures who like to bounce our ideas off each other and who spend a lot of time working collaboratively.

So moving to a situation where all 22 of us are working from home has proven to be a pretty interesting experience to say the least.

But thanks to the likes of Teams, Zoom and Skype we’re all still feeling entirely connected to each other, just in a different way.

Morning planning calls, briefing sessions and client conversations are still very much part of our days, we just see our desk buddies on screen rather than in person, while some of our colleagues look like they could have stepped straight out of a Britney Spears video – red, latex catsuits aside, perhaps!

So work-wise we’ve got it covered. It’s business as usual on that front.

But the way we all socialise has definitely changed.

Where previously we would go out to the pub after work, we’re now getting together for virtual beers at the end of the week. Who knew that bringing your pets to cocktail hour was a thing.

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There’s no more chatting in the kitchen at lunchtime, or gathering around the coffee machine throughout the day, so instead we’re organising video ‘dates’ with our teammates, so we can hear how their days are going and find out more about their home lives.

We’ve also developed our own #HamptonAtHome Spotify playlist which features everyone’s top 10 favourite songs of all time. That in itself has been a bit of an eye opener. It seems that the thrash metal fans like a bit of classical, and the Broadway groupies are also partial to a bit of drum & bass.

And where there’s music, there’s always a quiz at Hampton. Round 1 starts this week, but the word on the street is that there are quite a few more to come. With our MD being a huge karaoke fan, we’re starting to get slightly anxious about what the final round might be.

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Stay home. Stay creative. Stay tuned.