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Aberdeen. Your City Needs You.

With the impact of COVID-19 being felt across our city, the Aberdeen COVID-19 Emergency Appeal was set up with the sole purpose of raising as much money as possible for our city's charitable organisations.

In partnership with The Lord Provost’s Charitable Trust, Aberdeen City Council and The Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, Hampton delivered a fundraising campaign of which 100% of all donations received were used to benefit local individuals in Aberdeen city.

By donating the raised funds to local charities, we aimed to help as many individuals and families as possible, especially those who had been severely financially impacted by the pandemic.

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An Emergency Appeal

The impact of the pandemic was being felt across our city. Since the start of lockdown, Aberdeen Cyrenians, a local charity that tackles homelessness and social exclusion, saw a 600% increase in the number of people turning to it for help.

ABERnecessities, a local charity that support vulnerable children and families, has received a 900% increase in the number of applications for basic essentials including milk formula, baby food and nappies.

These are just two examples of the devastating effect COVID-19 was having on our people. We had to move, and it had to be fast.

Hampton worked closely, and promptly, with the partners, kickstarting the campaign within two weeks.

Calling on Our Great City

Brand Identity

An overarching brand identity, which needed to communicate a sense of urgency, was created for the campaign. The brand identity was then rolled out across multiple platforms including web and social media.

Web Development

A streamlined Webflow site was built and launched within two weeks, acting as an information hub and first point of contact for both charities and donators. Each of the funded charities had a dedicated page created which showcased the challenges they faced due to COVID-19, how the money raised by the appeal has had a positive impact on the work they do, and the challenges that they are still facing. It was essential that we continued to shine a light on the charities to educate the public on all the vital work these organisations are doing during an uncertain time.

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Social Media

Working together with the partners, social media platforms were created to raise as much awareness as possible of the campaign, using the hashtag #AberdeenCovid19. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were used to push the message out to the relevant target audiences, with a drive for corporate businesses to support taking place on LinkedIn.

Social media was used to educate and inform the public on how to donate and where their donations were going.

Press Coverage

The Aberdeen COVID-19 Emergency Appeal also partnered with local publisher, Evening Express as a media partner, which allowed the campaign to gain press coverage through its print and online platforms.

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What We Achieved

The Aberdeen COVID-19 Emergency Appeal was a huge success, and as a direct result more than 5000 individuals have directly benefited from the donations raised.

In just over nine weeks, the appeal reached the stretched target of £250,000 and since launch on May 1, 2020 has achieved the following:

What happens next?

Well, we are not stopping here. The local community continues to need support and funds which is why we are supporting the Aberdeen COVID-19 Emergency Appeal with phase two of the campaign. In these uncertain times, all acts of kindness can make a huge difference.

Check out the Aberdeen COVID-19 Emergency Appeal website, and support them on Facebook and Twitter.

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