HAM 17908 Case Study 1 Alba Gasket 02

Alba Gaskets is a leader in gasket innovation, working with major international oil and gas operators and contractors.

The team at Alba Gaskets developed a revolutionary new product in reverse integrity leak testing which was quick and easy to install, removing any complexity and reducing cost for clients.

Finding the product identity

Alba Gaskets required an identity that represented the innovative and technologically advanced nature of the product to ensure it stood out to clients and potential clients upon launch.

The product needed to be positioned as premium and this was key when creating the identity. The messaging needed to cut through the current products in the market and stand out against competitors.

The narrative around the campaign had to align with the key buying decisions of the target audience, highlighting the benefits of this product over traditional reverse integrity products.

  • Easier and faster installation, therefore reducing costs
  • Limits the risk of installation errors
  • Gives choice and flexibility in test equipment and processes
  • Removes the complexity and cost of traditional reverse integrity testing

Collaboration is key

Following a discovery workshop with the client, Hampton developed an overarching positioning strategy and created a new name and logo for the product. A marketing campaign theme was developed, which included a visuals, a strapline and product story.


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