Aberdeen Sports Village (ASV) is a sports and exercise facility in the North East of Scotland. It provides fitness opportunities for everyone in the local community and hosts an array of world-class international, national, and regional sporting events.


Team Hampton and ASV have joined forces before! In 2016, we reinvigorated the brand and positioning to better reflect its world-class facilities and community culture. The next phase was to build ASV a brand new website.

In a competitive industry where ASV is up against private gyms for membership and visitor revenues, the website needed to shout about what makes them different. The promotion of gym memberships was a priority message – but it would also need to showcase the community spirit.

Another key outcome was to improve the experience for the content team. The old site was split across multiple content management systems. Consolidating this would be essential for day-to-day content governance.

ASV Web image 01

The need for speed

We built on the expertise and knowledge of key ASV stakeholders to determine project requirements through a digital discovery workshop.

It quickly became clear that a full rebuild was necessary, so we hit the ground running. Card sort workshops, tree testing, style-tiles and prototypes led the evolution of the new website.

The workshop was an effective way to get the key ASV personnel involved early in the development stage, having a big team with many departments ensured everyone was engaged. The card sorting workshop allowed ASV to reach a consensus over the naming of different things. This stage can be particularly tricky with internal jargon not always making sense to external users, the card sort workshop was able to streamline this. Following the card sort workshop was tree testing which allowed us to validate the results using a number of users and use that data to guide the design decisions.

Aberdeen Sports Village website styletile

Using Craft CMS, we built a website that ensured a streamlined experience for both internal and external users. Building with this open-source CMS benefits admin users at ASV. Craft also allowed for a better user experience, cleaner design, and improved functionality for customers.

To ensure the website supported the promotion of memberships, these links were given their own persistent spot in the header.

Aberdeen Sports Village fitness photography

A wider variety of content blocks in the CMS allows ASV to quickly demonstrate the different memberships available, whether it be for an Evergreen (over 60s), kids, or students.

Aberdeen Sports Village website landing page

While ensuring the functionality of the site met the demands of customers and the ASV content team, we also kept it consistent with an updated, streamlined and strengthened design. Hampton having worked on the ASV brand ensured that every aspect of the brand, from the tone of voice, to use of imagery was followed.

Aberdeen Sports Village website on mobile

The results are in

ASV’s new website launched July 2020 and the results are in.

The time it took for a page to fully load turned from slow jog of 3.6s to a sprint of 1.4s with the page speed scoring an A (98%) from a F (16%).

The previous website had 20% content duplication which had to be mitigated for SEO purposes. Duplicated content can also result in mistakes and leaving a website harder to maintain long term. We worked with ASV to reduce the number of pages by 50%, making the site more focused with fewer pages for the user to wade through and less content for the team at ASV to maintain.

Find out more about Aberdeen Sports Village's sports and exercise facilities and its array of world-class international, national, and regional sporting events here.

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