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Disruptor of the Decade

With stand-out, non-conforming, anti-authoritarian advertising and marketing, it’s no wonder BrewDog has continued to grow in global fame and fortune.

Recently named Brand Distributor of the Decade by PRWeek, BrewDog has become "...synonymous with bold and often controversial PR-led campaigns, elevating the craft beer maker from a relative minnow to one of the fastest-growing drinks brands in the world.

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A field guide with a twist

As the essence of the BrewDog brand begins with the team, James Watt commissioned Hampton to conceptualise and design a book for employees and die-hard BrewDog geeks - one that communicated the strategy and purpose of the craft brew company.

The Field Guide delves into the history of BrewDog, looking back at the BrewDog team driving a tank through London handing out Punk IPA, to James and Martin legally changing their surnames to Elvis. The ethos, the principles, the dogmas, the signature benefits and the entire journey that got BrewDog to disruptor of the decade.

BrewDog believes that its long-term destiny will be determined by how well it looks after their amazing people. Employee perks include the much-desired 'pawternity' leave, and the backing to pass the Cicerone® Certified Beer Server exam under the world-class beer training programme.

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Safe is boring

With design inspiration influenced by vintage field guides, the concept was born and we hit the ground running. The result: a pocket-sized ‘everything that you need to know’ on BrewDog.

Hand drawn illustrations for the Field Guide book

A field guide is usually a portable illustrated book to help identify birds, plants, rocks, etc., as on a nature walk.

BrewDog's Field Guide’s photography, taken from iconic company moments, were edited to give a look similar to that of a field guide. The outcome is a modern twist on a vintage concept. Aged but punk.

Hand drawn illustrations for the Field Guide book

20+ hand-drawn, bespoke illustrations were created by the team to perfectly capture the impressive BrewDog back catalogue of milestones. The illustrations reflect the creative thoughts/minds of the founders and were designed around the creative concept of an original field guide. The illustrations were hand-drawn with a mix of ink and pencil and reproduced with a watercolour effect to replicate a vintage field guide.

Be.More.BrewDog - in numbers:

  • Illustration - 20+
  • Photographs - 25+
  • Cans of BrewDog consumed - 100+
  • Pages - 128
  • Chapters - 7
  • Designers - 6
Photography of DIY book cover

A client for over 10 years, we continue to support BrewDog. Safe is boring. Safe gets lost. Safe blends into anonymous mediocrity. We take risks.

Produced by our friends at Penguin Random House, Be. More. Brewdog. is available for purchase on Amazon and Waterstones.

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