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In the city’s heart

Bon Accord is the second largest shopping destination in Aberdeen, home to over 70 stores and restaurants.

As Bon Accord has grown in popularity and continued to shape its strategic plan, the website had become outdated in aesthetic and functionality - it no longer served its marketing objectives.

Bon Accord website home page

Bon Accord Website Home Page

It’s not just shopping, it’s an experience

The modern-day consumer looks for more than just shopping – they are looking for a special destination that delights and entertains.

Bon Accord’s purpose is to help Aberdeen City thrive and deliver a rewarding experience for customers – sharing in the city’s dreams, events and energy. Our primary website objective was to connect with this unique, Bon Accord brand positioning.

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We collaborated with the Bon Accord team to design a rewarding user experience that would place events and experience at the forefront while allowing for easy access to brands, entertainment and offers.

Bon Accord website mobile view

Bon Accord Website Mobile View

Aspiration, style and quality everyday

Bon Accord approached Hampton to design and build a website that allowed users to find information quickly and allowed the brands within the centre to shine. Digital objectives included:

  • Increasing traffic to and from social platforms
  • Driving traffic to retailers and surrounding partners
  • Increasing engagement and sign up to events and activities

Developed with Craft CMS 3, a brilliantly intuitive, highly customisable content management system which allows Bon Accord to feature seasonal campaigns, keep their content fresh, manage store listings and provide up to date visitor information.

Bon Accord website styletile

Bon Accord Website Styletile

Our development team worked with the Bon Accord marketing department to create campaign areas with strong links to social media, flexible hierarchy, offers & events. The new website is a platform to tell the story of a thriving city centre with Bon Accord at its heart.

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Bon Accord Website Iconography

Looks aren't everything...

Sure, a great looking website is massively important as it is the first impression of your brand. But, did you know 53% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?

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Bon Accord Website Statistics

Let's build something amazing together!