Original logo and bottle design

Original logo and poster campaign (Beer for Punks)

Original BrewDog bottles

Original bottle designs: Hardcore IPA, Trashy Blonde, Punk IPA, 5am Saint, 77 Lager

Craft Beer for the People

Sometimes you just know. That’s how we felt back in 2007 when we first met James and Martin from BrewDog – a small start-up with huge ambition to revolutionise the stuffy craft beer scene. BrewDog’s founding vision was ‘Craft Beer for the People.’ They believed in it. And we believed in them.

Large Case Study Brewdog 005

Crate beer design and vehicle vinyl wrap

Branding a billion dollar business

From the beginning, the team at BrewDog knew that they wanted to place branding at the heart of the business. We felt the same way. We worked with BrewDog to shape its original brand identity – a brand that represented BrewDog’s punk ethos and nonconformity.

Our initial work included the company’s original labelling and packaging for its core range of beer. Since then, our relationship with the BrewDog team has remained firm. Through innovative branding, we’ve supported the business to stay true to its founding vision and values.

BrewDog Tattoo

World domination

Our work with BrewDog includes web design, point of sale and merchandise, but also the more unexpected – with projects like Hop Propaganda and The Intergalactic Beer Visa. BrewDog is a truly global brand, with a fiercely loyal tribe of followers – we have even seen people with the BrewDog logo tattooed on their bodies. We’re extremely proud to have backed these renegade brewers from day one. BrewDog is a perfectly punk example of the power of brand.

Large Case Study Brewdog 004

DIY DOG 2018: The recipe for every single beer, BrewDog has ever made

BrewDog Campaign: Live Craft, Die Punk

Live Craft, Die Punk!

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BrewDog Intergalactic Beer Visa

BrewDog Intergalactic Beer Visa: Ready to explore the world in the name of craft beer!