Charlie House is a local charity, committed to supporting babies, children and young people with complex disabilities and life-limiting conditions, and their families, in the North-east of Scotland. Established in 2011, its vision has always been to build a specialist support centre in Aberdeen for these families, the first of its kind in the region.

Charlie House Logo

Building for the Future

One of the main focuses of Charlie House’s fundraising activities is to have a purpose-built facility in Aberdeen to support families in the North-east of Scotland. To support this long-term goal, the charity set up the Big Build Appeal. This three-year fundraising campaign aims to raise £8million to support the Charlie House Specialist Support Centre.

The centre will have all the specialist equipment required, and will enable the children and their families to make wonderful memories together and live life to the full.

For this project, Charlie House required an eye-catching campaign to support their fundraising activities. Our design team were tasked with developing a number of creative materials to support this ambitious campaign, including a campaign toolkit, e-invites, brochure and additional adverts.

The campaign has been running for just over a year and they have already raised £2.4million towards the Support Centre.

Charlie House Big Build
Charlie House Big Build

Campaign Collateral for Big Build

A Peruvian Fiesta!

In 2019, Charlie House hosted a fundraising event for several members of the team, who were planning to partake in a five-day trek to Machu Picchu.

The event included a three course meal, games and raffles, a live auction, finishing with an After Party Disco. The highlight of the event for many, was the opportunity to meet real life Llamas!

Charlie House required a brochure for the event, which needed to be fun and eye-catching. Our team were tasked with this design and created a Peruvian themed brochure, ensuring it was colourful and reflected the fun day.

Charlie House Machu Picchu Trek

Trekking to Machu Picchu

From our initial meeting to discuss our Big Build requirements, Hampton just got us! The creative definitely helped the charity stand out from the crowd and has driven our public fundraising campaign forward. The team are always so enthusiastic and most of all they genuinely care and want to see the charity succeed.

Sarah Bremner, Director of Marketing & Communication, Charlie House

Charlie Dog

A Charlie Dog for every fundraising occasion

Let's Relax and ReCHarge


Hampton supports the charity by designing its quarterly magazine, ReCHarge. This piece of work is designed to give an update on the fantastic work accomplished by Charlie House. It gives an insight into the latest fundraising efforts and achievements, the services offered by the charity, and information on how you can support them.


Charlie House recently opened a cafe, also called ReCHarge, where 100% of the profits go to supporting the charity. The cafe is run by staff and volunteers and is based upon a “pay what you think it's worth” model.

The charity needed a logo that represented the ethos of the cafe, reflecting the community and welcoming nature of the cafe. Our team developed a friendly, adaptable logo that reflects the focus of the charity: supporting children and young people. Hampton continues to support the ReCHarge cafe with creative elements as required.

Charlie House ReCHarge Magazine

ReCHarge magazine design

ReCHarge Cup

What do you see in the logo? A mug or a girl?

Let's build something amazing together!