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The Duncan and Todd Group is one of Scotland’s leading optical and hearing care specialists, providing its customers with the very best service. Duncan and Todd is a long-established company, trading on generations of experience and expertise. Bringing accessible eye ad hearing care to its communities, with over 40 practices across Scotland.

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Shifting Visions

The client wanted to strengthen its brand positioning and successfully differentiate itself from price-led competitors in the market for eyewear. To successfully implement this marketing strategy, the decision was made to focus on the quality of the group’s products, the innovative materials used and superior lens choice. This was then sustained and leveraged through a creative advertising campaign.

Employing Creativity

Hampton helped the client brainstorm creative solutions to capture the audience’s attention. The goal was to portray the business’s sincerity and spirited personality and effectively showcase the unrivalled quality and quantity of its lens products.

In order to keep the product and personality of the brand at the forefront of the design, we had to ensure that the creative direction was light-hearted and fun, but most importantly it had to emphasise how The Duncan and Todd Group put patients and the community at the heart of everything it does.

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Optimise Your Life

The consistent thread is ‘Optimise Your Life’ with the key message signifying that the technologies and frames available from the Duncan and Todd Group will optimise your life, your vision and your general wellbeing. In other words, the core creative direction reflects the idea that putting on a pair of bespoke Duncan and Todd glasses will ‘optimise’ and enhance the lives of customers.

The campaign theme offers a flexible approach to seasonal trends, with promotion reflecting a specific time of year, resonating with patients and potential customers. This lens-led message will be at the heart of the brands future campaigns. The first campaign launched in May under the ‘Optimise Your Life Campaign’, focused on the promotion of sunglasses.

The marketing outputs assimilate real life scenarios that patients may find themselves in, whether that is at work, socialising or traveling; While the key message reinforces the benefits of having premium eyewear and care no matter what your lifestyle may be.

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The Result

Hampton helped the client create the core lens-led “Optimise Your Life” message that will go on to be at the heart of every upcoming campaign. In addition, the Hampton team collected and directed key campaign photography and video, and designed all the creative assets for online and in branch promotional touchpoints (including posters, window displays, video, social media, paid for advertising, in print advertising and website content). The campaign collateral was rolled out in 40+ branches across Scotland.

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