Everyday Ubuntu book cover

I am because you are

Hampton was given the opportunity to showcase the South African philosophy, Ubuntu, meaning I am because you are, within a new book from Penguin Random House - Everyday Ubuntu.

The author Mungi Ngoname, granddaughter of Desmond Tutu, provides a heartwarming read, exploring ideas of kindness and forgiveness, tolerance and the power of listening. It certainly brought a smile to the team here at Hampton.

Everyday Ubuntu Inside Singe Page Spread and Amafu design

Everyday Ubuntu was designed to target the gifting market.

Everyday Ubuntu Chapter Double Page Spread

Bringing the book to life

Its bright and colourful pages, drawing on traditional South African fabric illustrations known as ‘Amafu’, brought the book to life.

Everyday Ubuntu Inside Double Page Spread

The team at Hampton were a pleasure to work with. From the outset they were clear and efficient about all aspects of the project, but also incredibly friendly. They understood the brief really well and delivered an eye-catching design. Things don’t often go so smoothly in book design, so I’m very grateful to them for the creativity, energy and commitment.

Andrea - Editorial Director, Transworld Books

Everyday Ubuntu Chapter Double Page Spread

Royal Attention

Everyday Ubuntu drawing some royal attention.

Everyday Ubuntu Royal Attention

Twitter Account - @EverydayUbuntu

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