Gin Bothy Gunshot bottle design

Gin Bothy: Gunshot - Infused Gin

Traditional meets contemporary.

Based in the Angus Glens, Gin Bothy holds tradition dear. Bothy ballads, sharing stories over the fire and passing around hip flasks, all aspects of Scottish heritage that Gin Bothy wanted to convey when we collaborated on its brand identity.

Photo of Kim Cameron

Kim Cameron, owner and founder of Gin Bothy

Gin Bothy product range include Rhubarb, Chilli, and Raspberry infused liqueur

Infused liqueur product designs: Rhubarb, Chilli, and Raspberry

When we first met Kim, creator of Gin Bothy, we were immediately engaged by her enthusiasm, energy and passion for her fantastically unique small batch mulled and liqueur Gin, handcrafted in her very own bothy.

Original bothy gin

Original bothy gin handcrafted in Scotland.

The creative team at Hampton worked with Kim to develop a brand position and identity that was aligned with both her target market and her products' heritage.

Gin Bothy style tile

Gin Bothy style tile establishes a direct connection with actual interface elements without defining the layout.

An updated logo style, brand toolkit, bottle labels, packaging and exhibition materials were created, allowing Kim to launch her fantastic gins at a series of high profile trade shows.

Large Case Study Gin Bothy 007 @2

We also created a branded Shopify website to allow Gin Bothy to showcase and sell its product range.

The team at Hampton is loving the mulled gin over ice with ginger beer and a wedge of lime.