Based in the Angus Glens, Gin Bothy holds tradition dear. Bothy ballads, sharing stories over the fire and passing around hip flasks. The Scottish Bothy is first to see the new fresh colours of every season from its window. It’s a refuge in the hills surrounded by a burst of nature, inspiring the natural flavours of their Scottish Country Sports handcrafted gin range and this was the very message that the team wanted to express.


Gin Bothy Country Range Line Up

Gin Bothy’s Country Sports range, consisting of Gunshot, Original, Stirrup Cup and Speycast, is enjoyed all year round, but some of the sports they are associated with such as fishing or golf are very seasonal. So, with this in mind we wanted to create something beautiful that would reflect the seasons.

Advert and master illustration

Team Hampton developed a creative campaign that painted the picture of how a season in Scotland looks through the door of a bothy. We illustrated stunning landscape scenes showing the Scottish hills, fishermen in rivers, Scottish wildlife and the amazing colours associated with the season.

This was rolled out across a range of assets including animations, social media adverts, social media banners and campaign landing pages.

As well as raising the profile of the Country Sports range, Gin Bothy also reported a 10% uplift in its spirit sales overall following the social media campaign. 

The team at Hampton is both creative and focused, with fantastic experience and insight, they make new projects exciting!

Kim Cameron, Founder, Gin Bothy

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