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Building a foundation for the future

Harbour Energy was founded through the merger of Chrysaor and Premier Oil, making it the largest independent oil and gas company in the UK. The organisation reached the FTSE 100 in May 2022 and plays a pivotal role in meeting the world’s energy needs through the sustainable production of hydrocarbons.

The client wanted a brand that represented its unique culture, values and vision – as well as its leading position in the industry. It wanted to create a strong foundation for the future, communicating the scale of its operations in a contemporary way.

Poster design showing values (Integrity, Innovation, Responsibility and Collaboration)

Unifying a unique culture

Our challenge was to create a unified brand that aligned with the company’s vision. The brand had to appeal to key stakeholders and be adopted on a global scale. Therefore, we had to develop an identity that the whole organisation could be proud of.

Harbour corporate logo
Harbour pull-up stand

As a new, innovative global leader during a time of transition in the energy landscape, the brand had to be dynamic and inspiring – reflecting its bold ambition. It had to reflect the company’s ability to respond and deliver through ever-evolving industry conditions.

Harbour case study 06

Employing innovation and creativity

To unite the brand, we had to consolidate all existing collateral from the legacy businesses and realign them under one name.

As the project was undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic, a creative approach was needed for the launch. The company concluded that a digital rollout would be the most effective way of engaging with stakeholders, internal staff, and clients alike.

After extensive research, we developed detailed brand guidelines and helped manage a rollout that included interior branding, signage, printed materials and digital collateral across UK and global locations.

Harbour offshore man
Harbour graph
Harbour virtual platform

We also planned a welcome box for the international launch, so that all colleagues could celebrate in a tangible, memorable way.

Harbour welcome box
Habour socia media
Harbour video placeholder

The launch of a new global energy brand

The new brand was revealed across all its digital channels. All signage and printed materials were updated to reflect the company’s Core Values and Business Principles.

The new identity helped strengthen the company’s culture and draw attention to its innovation and ambition. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the organisation now has a recognisable brand that reflects its leading position in the industry. The launch was well received by all audiences and the brand has been adopted across its global locations.