As well reconnecting with the past, Gin Bothy wanted to look at the new era of travellers and create a brand that would inspire and influence them, the urban adventurers.

Hipflask Sprits – Adventure Awaits

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Gin Bothy has always held tradition dear. Bothy ballads, sharing stories over the fire and passing around hip flasks. It offers premium spirits, hand-crafted in the Angus Glens of Scotland. Infused with tradition, but with a contemporary twist.

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The Challenge

Hipflask Spirits is to be Gin Bothy’s mass market brand with the aim of being listed in supermarkets. It should appeal to a cool, hipster, younger (18-35) audience in comparison to client’s existing higher end products. It’s edgier than most gins. It’s experimental with diverse flavours. Hipflask is a drink that fits in your pocket to be enjoyed on social adventures, such as a day at the rugby, out on a hike or at a wedding… The client wanted Hipflask Spirits to become a brand that would inspire and influence its customer, the social adventurers.

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The Solution

We wanted to create a something that would appeal to those with a thirst for adventure. Our brand harnessed the code for the road, a series of symbols and markings that communicate guides for the road less travelled. This positioned Hipflask Spirits as a drink that was crafted for the wanderers, roamers and go-getters among us. As well as social media channels and a dedicated landing page, we developed a suite of adverts using striking imagery of outdoor scenes, such as a lone surfer holding his board, a newly married couple rowing in an open a canoe, hilltop views etc… The Hipflask tribe would be heavily influenced by wanderlust and adventure and we wanted to create something exciting that they wouldn’t be able to resist.

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After a tease campaign on social media, the new Hipflask Spirits brand was revealed and launched. As a result of the truly aspirational image it portrayed, the product received immediate online sales. Gin Bothy owner, Kim Cameron also recently won a supermarket deal with Aldi which has committed to stocking Hipflask Spirits in every Scottish store.

We firmly believe that the good road lies ahead for those with a thirst for adventure. The journey starts here… #AdventureAwaits

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The team at Hampton were simply fantastic to deal with on our journey to create Hipflask Spirits. From project management to completion we were delighted with the process.

Kim Cameron, Founder, Gin Bothy

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