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Inspire has worked to enrich the life choices of adults and young people with learning disabilities and additional support needs since 1988. It supports people in a variety of settings, enabling individuals and their families to plan for current and future support needs.

Inspire has over 500 employees, who support more than 350 people across Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Angus and Moray. It provides 45 services from 24-hour support and visiting support and inclusive day activities in the local community. Every day, Inspire strives to empower individuals to live a richer, fuller life.

Inspire brand purpose

Your life, our support

In celebration of Inspire’s 30th anniversary, we were commissioned with updating the charity's brand and building a new website for the organisation.

After undertaking a brand discovery session, we found we needed to build on the existing brand and communications, while developing a competitive and distinctive brand position. This would allow Inspire to meet its key objective of informing, engaging and inspiring its audience and grow the Inspire tribe.

The Inspire logo is a symbol that looks to represent and unite. It was updated to give a less formal approach showcasing the personality of the charity. The two illustrated characters featured within it were defined more clearly and the strapline was updated to – “your life, our support”.

We introduced graphic elements to the brand that represented the connections that Inspire form. These provide flexibility in how they can be used whether as a background graphic or an image overlay.

Inspire website mockup

Once the brand was finalised, we kicked off a digital discovery process which highlighted the key website objectives as being:

  • Representation - ensure that the new website represented the work that Inspire does and those they support;
  • User-friendly CMS - the content management system had to have an easy management and admin experience for the Inspire team
  • Accessibility - the website needed to meet the demands of the Inspire user.

To make certain the website represented the work that Inspire does and the people it supports, we created a style tile based on the updated brand guidelines to ensure the tone of voice and personality came through. The imagery used across the website was also extremely important. Inspire is all about people, and as they are the heart of the business they had to feature at the forefront, demonstrating the kind, caring nature of the staff, volunteers and communities that make Inspire so fantastic. The representation of Inspire and those it supports was facilitated from initial discussions in the brand and digital discovery. These ideas and concepts were brought to life in the final output of the website and other social and marketing material, successfully communicating what Inspire stands for.

To improve the user-experience for the team at Inspire, the website was built using Craft CMS. Craft allowed us to build a flexible, customisable CMS which was targeted at the specific user experience of the Inspire team. This also allowed the website to be future proofed for potential developments and growth. Using custom fields and blocks allowed the website to be built around the needs of the content. It also has a lightweight content system which allows for easy content management and population, anytime, anywhere.

Accessibility was a significant feature that had to be considered to meet the demands of the website users. It was exceptionally important that users could understand and navigate the website with ease. One such feature integrated was Browsealoud; a tool providing a range of features such as allowing users to have web pages read aloud to them, simplified, or to access dictionary definitions of images used.

HAM 16908 Inspire Case Study HAM 16908 Inspire CMS 3

Outcomes that Inspire

The updated and refreshed brand and website allowed Inspire to gain more sponsors and engagement at events due to the website being easily maintained and accessible. Inspire was able to keep all aspects of the site up to date and confidently signpost users to key content, something that was avoided before due to flaws in the previous content management system.

As the website was custom-built it had a positive impact on the team, from inputting content to confidently showcasing the website in meetings. The ease of use has been invaluable to the team at Inspire.

Additionally, due to global events, Inspire needed to quickly and easily set up content on the website dedicated to the families of the people it supports. Due to the ease of use, the team was able to easily add a monthly family newsletter, updated policies around coronavirus and advertise future family engagement sessions all in one easily accessed place.

The team, and users of Inspire’s website, have benefited from the simplicity and attractiveness of the website in ensuring it is easy to use and navigate. With accessibility featuring as such an important consideration in the build stage, we were proud to achieve a rating of 93 on Google Lighthouse with the site.

Inspire believes that the rebrand, paired with the new website was an effective, and vital, part of Inspire’s communication cycle.

Inspire webpage mockup

Hampton has been productive, effective and pleasant from the get-go. From the initial idea sessions, right through to the website development, the team has been very welcoming, professional and thorough. Hampton helped turn our ideas into concrete concepts which has improved the reach of our organisation and allowed us to clearly communicate the reason we exist - to empower the life choices of the people we support at Inspire

Stuart, Communications Coordinator

To find out more about the empowering work that Inspire do, visit the website.

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