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Building a platform for future growth.

James Fisher is a global company with multiple brands that service its clients markets. In 2021, James Fisher launched its new brands to the market; James Fisher Subtech and James Fisher Renewables.

James Fisher approached Hampton as they wanted to commission a website that would serve as an online platform for both businesses. The site had to allow for quick and easy updates so it could grow at the same pace as the businesses.

Increasing brand visibility

Our challenge was to create a website that would allow for future growth and serve multiple customers globablly. It had to be user-friendly and accessible across all devices, informative, and easy to manage and update.

The new website would also be used to increase awareness and visibility of both the Subtech and Renewables brands.

Although both companies are separate, they are supported internally by the same team. Therefore, the site required a structure that everyone was familiar with.

A multi-site approach for a quick time-to-market

To ensure consistency in the build and the branding of both companies, we proposed a multi-site structure that would allow for centralised control. Not only would this meet the client’s objectives, but it was a cost and time-effective option, as the build could re-use content blocks and plugins.

We decided to build the site using the Craft CMS Multi-Site feature, so we were able to run and manage both websites from a single Craft install. In taking this approach, we were able to share templates and content types across both company sites without having to re-upload and store the same content multiple times. This enabled a quicker time-to-market, took up less storage space, and lowered James Fisher's carbon footprint.

The site gave management permissions to entire user groups as well as individual content editors and enabled security updates to be rolled out across both sites at once, saving time and keeping vulnerabilities at bay.

The multi-site build also enables seamless migration to newer versions of Craft CMS, so the client will always benefit from having access to the latest features and improvements. Every time new functionality is added to one site, it is instantly available on the other.

This set up also ensured that when James Fisher launched its new James Fisher Decommissioning brand in January 2022, Hampton was able to develop a new website time-effectively from the Craft CMS Multi-Site feature.

Website mockups

The launch of three energy websites

James Fisher was delighted with the functionality of the final build and the flexibility of the new platform, so much so that a Decommissioning website was produced a year later.

Reusable website components and patterns

We needed a website for each brand that allowed us to constantly adapt to our increasing portfolio and customer base, this meant we wanted a build and design that was flexible and allowed us to reconfigure and add new elements as required. The team at Hampton have been a joy to work with and have been incredibly responsive to all requests and development ideas. We very much see them as an extension of our marketing team, which is the best recommendation you could give to any service supplier!

Debbie Allan, Strategic Marketing Manager

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