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Odfjell Drilling is an integrated drilling contractor committed to providing creative solutions to client challenges in the North Sea.

The client required a Health and Safety video with a difference. The video was to describe an incident that happened on an offshore oil rig resulting in serious injury, highlighting key moments that led to the incident occurring.

It was for internal use and to be shown to employees with the objective of highlighting the importance of following the safety measures that are in place.

The video had to be emotive and engaging to underline the importance of following safety procedures.

The project originally would include interviewing the employee who had the incident to tell his experience with animation added where appropriate to complement the story.

Shortly after the project kicked off, the UK was put into lockdown due to COVID-19.

The client still wished to move ahead with the project, so we changed our approach and decided to animate the whole video instead, to allow the project to progress whilst staying within government guidelines.

With the objective of creating an emotive animation, we chose to focus on the impact on the employee’s life after the incident. By focusing on the changes the employee made post incident, we were able to create an animation that would resonate with employees.

The animation was created by our in-house team including scripting, storyboard, graphics, animation and music/sound effects.

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Starting the project, I had a clear vision for Hampton to develop a live video highlighting the event, immediate impact and safety systems in place that could have mitigated the seriousness.

Given the various restrictions and UK in lockdown, I was unsure how we would achieve this result.

Georgie and the team at Hampton accepted the challenge and, after several Teams calls, came up with a creative solution using animation to show the longer-term impact of complacency in routine tasks.

Grant Jackson, QHSE & CAS Advisor-BP Clair Ridge, Odfjell Drilling

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