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A new brand for a luxury retreat

Clearwater Retreats reached out to Hampton to assist in defining the company's positioning and developing brand guidelines for Rachel's Farm, its short-term stay accommodation. In the highly competitive hospitality industry, having a strong brand is essential for achieving success.

Located in Stirlingshire, Rachel’s Farm is made up of six beautiful old farmhouses and a large yoga studio. The quality of service, high-end interiors, freedom to have your own living space, alongside a bespoke, concierge service sets Rachel’s farm apart in the UK self-catering brandscape.

The primary goal of the project was to establish a versatile brand that could evolve and scale with the business's growth. Additionally, the client sought to distinguish themselves within the saturated luxury short-term accommodation market, attracting and retaining premium clients while simultaneously enhancing their business value.

Hampton collaborated with the client to develop a set of comprehensive brand guidelines that included a logo, colour palette, typography, support graphics, imagery style and a consistent tone of voice and message.

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The colour palette was meticulously selected to convey a feeling of opulence and distinction, featuring primary colours of Porcelain White and Midnight Black, complemented by rich tones of green, orange, and blue. This colour scheme was consistently applied across all aspects of the brand, including the website, social media assets, and printed materials.

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To ensure that the brand was visually appealing to the target audience, Hampton created a brand identity that was simple yet sophisticated, with a minimalist approach that focused on high-quality imagery and typography. The logo was designed to be easily recognisable and memorable, featuring a stylised ‘R’ initial in a modern and elegant font.

By emphasising the exclusive and premium positioning while maintaining a welcoming and friendly personality, we were able to provide the necessary expertise and guidance to develop a distinctive and effective brand strategy and narrative that helped our client differentiate themselves from their competitors and appeal to potential guests. After careful consideration, we chose the strapline "Curated Boutique Retreats" to succinctly communicate the unique selling point of the development.

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Hampton's brand identity strategy for Rachel's Farm was highly successful in positioning the brand as a premium offering within the short stay market. By appealing directly to its discerning target audience, the brand narrative and strapline were carefully crafted to introduce the development's unique selling point, while the simple yet sophisticated visual identity was visually appealing and memorable. Additionally, the brand guidelines provided a consistent framework for the brand's use across various media and platforms, helping to foster brand loyalty and increase the business's overall value over time. Overall, the strategy employed by Hampton's was a resounding success, effectively establishing Rachel's Farm as a distinguished brand within.

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