Let’s tear up the business rule book together!

PopUp Business School was created in 2012 with a vision to show how starting a business can be debt-free and more accessible to a wider community.

Working from a sponsorship model, it operates across the UK and internationally to offer the best business advice, support and inspiration for FREE.

Using easily accessed online tools, PopUp empowers budding entrepreneurs to tear up the traditional business rule book, take control of their lives and make starting a business a real possibility.

A new brand was required to represent PopUp’s growing community of entrepreneurs who are tearing up the business rule book: rebels who are changing the face of business for good.

Rebel Business School strapline

The alternative point of view

PopUp empowers people to transform their lives – helping them to realise their entrepreneurial dream.

Our challenge was to develop a powerful new brand positioning that would align with this inspiring purpose.

Working with the PopUp team, we carried out a research and discovery process that allowed us to uncover the true meaning and value proposition of the brand – creating a strategic foundation to build from.

Rebel Business School mockup posters

Rebel Business School

A new name, Rebel Business School, was selected to align with the disruptive brand positioning.

Real people, bold typography and a vivid colour palette combine to present a powerful and inspiring message – supporting content online and offline.

A challenger in a traditional marketplace, the new Rebel brand tears up the business rule book – presenting a world of possibilities available to any entrepreneurs that have the ambition and vision.

Rebel Business School

Bringing business to the people

Join the Rebel revolution and let’s tear up the business rule book together. Learn more about Rebel Business School on socials.

We had great fun working with the Hampton team and that really helped us to have difficult conversations about our brand and most importantly sort through the noise to get the result we needed. We wanted to develop a brand identity to do some of the heavy lifting in engaging our audiences and Hampton delivered a result we are super impressed with.

Simon, Co-founder, Rebel Business School

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