A website refresh for a modern user experience

Repsol Sinopec Resources UK is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Aberdeen.

The company operates across 48 fields, with 11 offshore installations and two onshore terminals. It is committed to the safety of its people, the integrity of its assets and to protecting the environment.

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Delivering high-performing websites for the energy sector

Hampton has a long-standing relationship with Repsol Sinopec – our team designed, developed and launched the business’ website in 2017. As a dominant operator in the energy sector, having a website that is intuitive and informative is essential. From planning to wireframes, developing the sitemap, page layouts and landing pages, our highly skilled team worked with Repsol Sinopec to ensure that the website ambitions were met.

Since the website launched, we’ve collaborated on many other design and animation projects. From the marketing and communications team to human resources, we work and communicate directly with various departments across the business and have become the organisation’s go-to agency for everything website and design related.

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A visual enhancement aiming to improve user experience

In 2022, five years after the initial website launch, Repsol Sinopec commissioned us to refresh the website so that it better represented the businesses current positioning in the global marketplace. This project was inspired by our work on another project with Repsol Sinopec, a website for the Flotta Hydrogen Hub.

We were tasked with updating the aesthetics of the website to give it a more modern feel and improve its usability. Since the client was very happy with the existing content and structure, the primary focus was on carrying out a reskin – making changes to colour, typography, images and spacing.

A visually appealing and information-led website that can successfully engage, inform and attract employees, stakeholders, investors and government bodies alike were the key objectives for our client. Hampton set out to craft professional yet contemporary styling updates which matched Repsol Sinopec's branding.

Repsol Sinopec wanted to use the website as a way of providing information and communicating its messages more clearly, rather than as a direct marketing tool. As such, we had to consider the site’s user experience.

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A process built on trust

To ensure the reskin would meet the client’s vision, we carried out a discovery session to better understand the project requirements.

Our UX engineer discussed best practices and provided advice on what approach and style would best represent the brand. The client fully trusted our advice and appreciated the time we took to understand their needs.

Our web development team created both desktop and mobile mock-ups of the Homepage, Careers page, and Operations page to gather the client’s feedback. We then re-skinned a further 23 pages using Craft CMS templates.

We made changes to the News categories to make them more searchable, and added additional content blocks, giving the client more flexibility over the layout. We removed the Contact page to make it clear that the website’s focus isn’t on direct enquiries, as well as adding anchor text to the footer.

We also ran an image and PDF audit with the client to assess where existing media needed updating to match the new look and feel.

A successful working relationship

Based on the successful completion of many other design and website projects, the client entrusted Hampton with the task of enhancing user experience by making stylistic changes to the website.

Hampton understands that having a well-optimised digital experience is non-negotiable for energy businesses as they communicate their journey towards a new energy future. We were therefore able to make specialist recommendations in order to help the client achieve the business’s website goals.

We’re proud to be trusted advisors that add value to Repsol Sinopec’s business, and the company has recommended our services to other organisations in the energy and petrochemical industry.

View our work on the Repsol Sinopec website.

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