Operating from 28 countries, employing more than 500 employees, and founded over 40 years ago, Swire Oilfield Services recognised the need to transition its brand to reflect the current and future business.

The company has grown from a world-leader in offshore containers, to becoming a fully integrated service provider for the energy industry.

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Swire Oilfield Services required a fresh and modern rebrand, however it was important not to lose the essence of its existing brand and ensure it was still instantly recognisable as a part of the Swire Group.

The new brand had to reflect the company maintaining a strong position in the oil and gas industry, while also clearly showing representation in offshore wind, and incorporating the likelihood of future expansion within the energy industry.

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Swire Oilfield Services approached us with the name Swire Energy Services, with the task of creating messaging and an identity, and for support with the launch of the new brand.

The well known and instantly recognisable Swire flag was dissected into individual triangles using the same brand colours. This achieved a fresher and more dynamic look and feel to the brand.

Outputs for the rebrand campaign included:

  • Brand guidelines: anew brand guidelines document was produced, detailing how the logo should be used, the placement of the new triangle graphics, as well as typography, colours and imagery.
  • Website: Our web development team worked on updating the company’s website to reflect the updated brand, ensuring key areas were instantly locatable and user experience/journey was crucial. Also incorporating new messaging to align with the brand.
  • Teaser campaigns: We created three teaser campaigns for internal and external audiences prior to the big launch of the brand. The aim was to show that the brand was evolving and to create a buzz around the change. We created social media posts, emailers and desktop screensavers.
  • An editable PowerPoint slide deck: We developed a master PowerPoint deck to showcase the services and expertise of the company in a dynamic and engaging way.
  • Strong imagery: We created a number of images that represented the company’s capabilities and to show, at a glance, the services offered by Swire Energy Services and the industries it operates in.
  • Social media: We designed assets and developed copy for social media posts after the launch to drive traffic to the new website and announce the new name and positioning of the company.
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Hampton played an integral part in the rebrand of Swire Energy Services. Scott and the team excelled in the development of the brand identity to match our strategy and implemented the new positioning through new brand guidelines, applying this to the new website and marketing collateral.

Wayne Manning, Vice President Oil & Gas, Swire Energy Services

The results

20,961: Organic impressions across all teaser posts and post launch on LinkedIn.

3.58%: The average engagement rate for all posts on LinkedIn relating to the new brand, with the highest reaching 5.73% (2% is considered a good engagement rate on this platform).

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