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Hampton was commissioned to work with Penguin to showcase leading consultant psychiatrist, Dr Sarah Vohra’s book, The Mind Medic, which dives into improving mental wellbeing by using your five senses. The Mind Medic is a practical, empowering 10-week guide for reducing anxiety and looking after your mental health.

Dr Sarah Vohra is a consultant psychiatrist with more than 10 years’ experience working with the NHS. Her mission is to empower people with the knowledge to be able spot signs of mental health in both themselves and others. She set up The Mind Medic to help debunk the misconceptions and myths surrounding mental wellbeing.

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Let your senses be your guide

The Mind Medic - a tried and tested method to improving your mental wellbeing using your five senses to help you along the way.

  • See - how to see beyond the negative to reframe thought patterns.
  • Hear -how to create a space to listen and be listened to.
  • Smell - how to use your breath to calm your spiraling thoughts.
  • Feel - how to feel each of our emotions and understand the messages they send us.
  • Taste - how to eat for your mind and discovering mood-boosting micronutrients.
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Bringing the book to life

Hampton researched and developed beautiful creative design options for The Mind Medic that perfectly matched the tone of the book. These included page layouts, graphic effects, place images and typesetting.

The graphic effects followed a watercolour style which was hand drawn by our designers. As well as eye catching end papers and illustrated chapter breakers, you will see line graphic illustrations and infographics that were designed to highlight the easy to follow exercises and also think box illustrations that were created with the readers input in mind.

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Mind Medic in Numbers

  • End papers - 1
  • Illustrated chapter breakers – 7
  • Line graphic colour illustrations - 18
  • Infographics - 5
  • Think box illustrations-1
  • Final artwork - 1
  • Designers – 2
  • Account Managers - 1

Hampton was a pleasure to work with, they brought great creative solutions and beautiful design to this project.

Saffron Stocker, Senior Illustrated Books Designer, Penguin Random House

You can find out more about The Mind Medic here.

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