Photo of the Wake Up book

Wake Up! Escaping a life on autopilot by Chris Baréz-Brown

Escaping a life on autopilot

Wake Up! is the ultimate self-improvement book focused around a series of playful experiments designed to help everyone escape a world of autopilot and live a more conscious, connected and extraordinary life.

Wake Up book illustrations

Experiments with results

Author Chris Baréz-Brown, guides you through 54 experiments to help you create a more fulfilled life. The experiments are presented out in a moleskin journal style book with elastic strap and incorporate hand drawn illustrations by our team.

Experiments range from getting lost on your lunch hour, living on just £5 a day or cooking from scratch. All experiments come with an output and aim to create feelings of liberation, happiness, awareness, vitality and most importantly, the feeling of feeling truly alive.

Health and well-being photo of cooking and outdoors

Fully integrated wellness campaign

Our partnership continued with Hampton being part of the design and strategy team that came together to produced the Wake Up! app. Developed by the team at Crowdhub in California, the app has a social focus that brings the Wake Up! community together to capture moments and share experiments. Wake Up! has been a fantastic campaign that has seen collaboration across multiple platforms to deliver a dynamic, integrated campaign.

Wake Up book showing page spread
Wake Up smartphone app interface

Wake Up App: Escaping a life on autopilot